This site has been created for you.

As more of us are awakening to a different vision concerning our health, I am happy to share with you my discoveries.

Following several years of training, research and experimentation of different methods of alternative medecines, I have found them wanting, limited. The quest and the question became: < why not merge all into one ? >

In the late l940’s, an American visionary by the name of Stanley Burroughs asked the same question. He combined accupressure, reflexology, color therapy, the master cleanser recipe and named his method “ Vitaflex”.

Imagine, that was way back then! It just goes to show that nothing is new really, we are just re-dicovering.

So today after many thousands of hours of learning, practicing and teaching, I continue to push the limits only to discover that there are none! I am not asking you to believe but just to experiment with this method.

Over the past eight years, I have observed hundreds of incurable diseases such as : diabetes, fybromyalgy, rheumatoid arthritis, problems with the sciatica nerve, just to name a few, be resolved definitively. My success rate is 90-95 %.

I have been able to ascertain the near total regeneration process of the knees, the back, the heart, the liver and the nerves by stimulating specific reflex points, thereby awakening the healing process.

I do not presume at any time to heal whomsoever, but through E.M.C., I will help you to activate your own body’s natural healing process.

I am a naturotherapeute with diplomas in Holistic Medecine, Reiki, Tibetan and Integral Reflexology, Interpersonal Relations to name a few.

It is with humility and respect that I become an observer of the Universal Mind, the Intelligence within you, in action for your well-being.

My goal is to share my experience with you so that you may benefit from all of its positive results.